The Franklin Flea Market & The Franklin Fountain

We went to the Franklin Flea Market in Philadelphia this past weekend and found lots of beautiful things not only at the event, but around Philadelphia as well. There was lots of “Positively Glamorous” yellow inspiration all around.

A trip to Philadelphia would not be complete without some delicious food. While at the Franklin Flea Market we enjoyed some food from several food trucks. Patrick had a Shoyu hot dog from Poi dog and I enjoyed a spicy veggie hot dog that hit the spot! We picked up some Saint Lucifer spice that we cannot wait to try on some grilled corn.

The Franklin Flea Market & The Franklin Fountain

After that, it was time for dessert, so we walked up to Philadelphia’s famous ice cream spot, The Franklin Fountain. There was a long line so we had plenty of time to sort through their large menu and select the perfect treat. The Mt. Vesuvius had an excellent reputation among locals so we chose that and their homemade root beer. Boy was it yummy! The old fashioned soda fountain decor really added to the experience. They still use all of the old-school machines to make the treats as well, they aren’t just for decoration!

Speaking of delicious food, when you live near Philadelphia you automatically slowly but surely convert into a foodie…here is an excellent and simple recipe I made last night for dinner. It was time to put some of the Heirloom Tomatoes from our garden to good use! I added a little twist to it with smoked Cheddar instead of mozzarella.  Follow me on Pinterest to see some more yummy yet simple recipes!